Net Preamble – Weekly

5 Minutes Before:   This is; (Call-Sign), all Stations please stand by for the Wilson Co. Auxiliary Emergency Communications Net.

Begin:  Good Evening.  Welcome to the Wilson County Auxiliary Emergency Communications Net.   This is a informal Net which meets every Wednesday at 2000 hours local time on the 147.120 (131.8) repeater.

The purpose of the Net is to discuss the latest Amateur Radio news, upcoming events, emergency operations training, and to test your equipment.  All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to participate.   This is,  (Call-Sign).  I will be your Net Control Station for tonight.

When checking-in, please give the Net control call first, followed by your call, name and location.  I will return to each station for any comments or announcements. Are there any echo-link, mobile or out-of-town stations who would like to check-in?  please call now.

We now welcome all stations to check-in.

I currently have the following stations checked-in:  (read call-signs).

Is there is anyone that I may have missed or anyone else who would like to check-in,  please call now  

(Call each station for comments/announcements).

Are there any additional or late check-ins for the Net,  please call now.

This concludes comments from all stations who are currently checked in to the Wilson Co. Auxcomm Net. I would like to thank everyone who participated.  The Wilson Co. Auxiliary Emergency Communications Net is ending at (time) with (number) of check-ins.  The repeater is now returned to regular amateur operation.   (Call-Sign), 73.

If training has been scheduled, turn Net over to the training coordinator.  Training may be offered after each weekly Net. The training coordinator may switch to a digital mode a simplex frequency (146.550) or to the 147.120 (131.8) repeater, to test our area coverage.



Amateur Radio...
is a Hobby.

Emergency Communications...
is a Commitment.


Emergency Field Day
June 2020
12:00 – 18:00
Lake Wilson
Wilson, NC


Stantonsburg Festival
September 2020
09:00 – 16:00
Town Park
Stantonsburg, NC


Black Creek Festival
October 2020
Center Street
Black Creek, NC 27813


Elm City Festival
October 2020
Railroad & Main Street
Elm City, NC 27822